Why Are My Kid's Teeth Yellow?

Why Are My Kid's Teeth Yellow? 

Name a sight more beautiful than your child's smile.


We're waiting. 

But, if while gazing at your kid's smile, you notice that their teeth are yellower than usual, you may wonder if something is wrong. 

Why do kids' teeth get yellow, and what can you do about it? 

Here are some answers. 

Reasons Your Child's Teeth Are Yellow

Here are some of the most common reasons why your kid's teeth turn yellow. Some are just a normal part of their development, while others will require a trip to their dentist. 

  • Their Permanent Teeth Are Erupting 

Your child's adult teeth are erupting, but they look yellower than their baby ones. Is that normal? 

The answer is yes. 

Adult teeth have larger nerves and more dentin in them. These two factors combined will make your child's new teeth look yellowish. 

As we said, that's perfectly normal. Moreover, it won't last forever. As your kid grows, their teeth will calcify and become a bit whiter. 

  • Their Teeth Are Stained Because of Plaque Build Up

We know how hard it can be to make a child understand why they need to brush their teeth every day. And we know very well that brushing their teeth is no easy task. 

But, if you've been skipping on their oral hygiene, then that may be the cause for their yellow teeth. 

When we don't clean our teeth properly, a film of bacteria covers them. Over time, this plaque hardens and turns into tartar that can only be removed through professional cleaning

  • Tooth Decay 

It's not unusual for kids to get cavities, especially if they have poor oral hygiene habits. If only one or two of your kid's teeth is stained and you also notice some brown spots on them, then that may be a sign of decay. 

  • They Have a Thin Enamel 

If you know you have thin enamel, then your child might have inherited it too. In the case of thin enamel, more of the dentin is exposed, which will make your child's teeth look yellower than normal. 

People with thin enamel are more likely to get cavities, so make sure to take good care of your child's oral health. You should also talk to your dentist about it and take your kid to regular check-ups. 

  • Some Medicine Can Stain Their Teeth Too

Antibiotics like tetracycline can stain children's teeth if they are taken by the mother while pregnant or if they are given to the child before they turn eight years old. This is a known fact, and most doctors will avoid prescribing this medicine. 

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