First Visits

Your Child’s First Visit

What to Expect

When you and your child step into Kids 101 Pediatric Dentistry, you can always expect to be greeted by our cheerful team and a soothing, inspiring environment. One-on-one care is important to us, so your child’s first visit will be all about getting to know them! Dr. Sanchez will give your child’s grin a gentle exam and cleaning, taking an honest, educational, and compassionate approach throughout the process. She’s here to empower you with all of the support you need to help your child establish a great oral care routine at home and live life to the fullest with a bright, bold smile!

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Setting Up for Success

What to Bring to the Appointment

First visits mark a major smile milestone! We want this sweet experience to feel as relaxing and rewarding as possible for you and your kiddo. Enjoy being present with your child and leave the stress behind by taking along these appointment essentials:

  • Insurance information for your child. If your child has dental insurance, our knowledgeable team is always happy to help you understand and maximize their benefits!
  • New patient forms. Skip the piles of paper and streamline your child’s upcoming appointment with our easy and secure digital new patient forms!
  • Your child’s favorite comfort. Whether it’s a cozy blanket or a cuddly plush pal, bringing a familiar comfort can make even the bravest young patients feel more at ease.

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How to Prepare Your Child

If your youngster’s first dental visit is coming up, one of the best ways to prepare them is by creating a memorable at-home dental routine! Feel free to play your child’s favorite two-minute tune while you brush those precious pearly whites together. Let them pick out a colorful toothbrush adorned with beloved cartoon characters. Educate them on proper dental hygiene by watching a fun, kid-friendly video all about teeth. By developing positive associations with oral care, your child will look forward to visiting their new dental friends!

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