Why Should Your Child Get Pediatric Crowns?

Why Should Your Child Get Pediatric Crowns?

You’ve probably heard of dental crowns, but do you know what pediatric crowns are? They’re dental crowns specially fabricated for your child’s teeth. Read on in this blog from Kids 101 Pediatric Dentistry to learn more about the fabrication, benefits, and purpose of pediatric crowns.

What Are Pediatric Crowns?

Pediatric crowns are specific types of dental crowns that are fabricated out of strong and highly durable stainless steel materials to protect the integrity and structure of a primary tooth until it is ready to naturally fall out. 

Your child may need a crown because their primary (baby) tooth has been damaged, chipped, cracked, broken in half, or weakened. By placing a sturdy dental crown over the tooth which covers all of the surfaces of your child’s damaged or vulnerable tooth, we can prevent further damage from occurring such as the tooth breaking up to the gum line which can lead to infection.

Benefits of Pediatric Crowns

Pediatric crowns are long-lasting because of the durable materials they are made out of. A stainless steel crown is designed to last for a long time so that it can protect your child’s primary tooth for the rest of its lifespan. 

The strength of these crowns also helps your child chew just like they’re using their normal tooth, without the worry of a hard piece of food breaking the tooth. Pediatric crowns are pre-molded and come in various sizes, so they’re less time-consuming than traditional crowns and can be placed in a single dental appointment. 

While stainless steel crowns are silver in color, they’re only temporary and will fall out when the natural tooth does. The point of a stainless steel crown is that it offers superior strength and durability for the primary tooth which also ensures that there are no issues with the development of the permanent tooth. 

While your child may not like wearing a silver crown in the immediate future, it will protect the health and cosmetic appearance of the permanent tooth in the long term. If your child has had a pulpotomy to treat a tooth infection, the structural integrity of the tooth will be weakened. A crown can save your child’s tooth from extraction.

Preparing Your Child to Get Crowns

If your child needs a pediatric crown, you should prepare them mentally. While the placement of dental crowns is completely painless and minimally invasive, it’s still completely normal for children to feel hesitant or anxious in anticipation of going to the dentist.

We recommend communicating openly with your child. Explain to them what a dental crown is, why it’s needed, and how it’s going to protect their tooth. Only use child-friendly language and avoid scary words like “drill” or “needle”. 

After explaining the procedure to them, it can be helpful to act it out. Children are visual learners and by pretending to give their stuffed animal a dental crown or pretending to give one to your child, you can make them feel safe and at ease because they’ll know what to expect. 

We can help make your child feel comfortable by explaining anything they want to know. As a pediatric dental office, our entire team is highly trained in child development, psychology, and communication. Your child will feel more at ease if you remain calm and relaxed. Children often mirror their parents and can pick up on the slightest signs of stress or anxiety. 

If you appear worried, chances are your child will be worried too. Stay in positive spirits and use positive reinforcement to reward your child for getting through their appointment.

Schedule Your Child’s Pediatric Crown Consultation!

If your child shows signs of tooth decay, damage, or a weakened tooth, they will likely need a pediatric crown. Contact us at Kids 101 Pediatric Dentistry today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sanchez. We offer dental sedation to put children with dental anxiety or special needs at ease during their appointment if desired.

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